About Us
A Home away from home, enjoy your holidays with your family and friends. Just 2 minutes from Devka. Come enjoy your holiday with
family and friends come enjoy the nature..
Daman is having a pleasant climate all over the year.  In summer, Daman is blessed with cool breeze coming from over the Arabian
sea. Maximum Temperature is 39 degree centigrade and minimum is 11 degree centigrade. The average annual rainfall is 1687 mm.
Beginning September & culminating May is the perfect period for exploring and fascination of this wonderland, but planning a holiday
in monsoon is no less appealing and will evoke a great deal of exhilaration and mirth.
Daman can boast of a rich and multi - faced cultural heritage. Dance and Music are very much part of the daily life of Damanite. Here
is a true fusion of cultures - tribal, urban, European and Indian.This ornate amalgam is reflected in the traditional dances of Daman.